How to improve health benefits communication on your portal

Portal can improve health benefits communication

Odds are that when your employees want to learn something, they turn to search engines and other internet tools for on-demand learning. Since that’s how people are learning today, then why should benefits communication be any different? You can refresh your benefits communication and align it to the way people access information by turning your benefits portal into a learning center where employees and spouses can quickly find what they want to know, when they want to know it.

To do so, the portal should contain short, topical and focused benefits communication to make finding information easier and avoid using large benefits guides and summary plan descriptions as primary resources. It conflicts with the fast and easy access to information that people are used to with the internet. Set up this way, your portal will direct employees and spouses to specific topics, such as individual benefits, saving money, managing their health, participating in wellness programs, preparing for annual enrollment and ultimately helping them become smarter consumers of healthcare services and benefits.

The best way to refresh your benefits communication is to combine print and interactive presentations. It’s also important to integrate your benefits communication with your health plan carrier’s potent online resources and interactive tools. Working together, these benefit communications will help employees make better decisions about benefits and gain more value from wellness programs.

Groh & Associates understands benefits learning in the internet age and has crafted solutions that include interactive online presentations and focused print materials, integrated with the carrier’s resources. Make your benefits portal easier for employees and spouses to use by taking advantage of our experience and low-cost solutions, which include:

  • Using online presentations – click here for a sample
  • Creating effective enrollment guides for annual and new hire enrollments
  • Developing an effective benefits communication strategy
  • Graphic design and content management for benefits portals
  • Coordination with carrier materials

Contact Groh & Associates today to see how we can help create affordable online, in-print and on-point benefits communication.