Why benefits communication to new hires is important

The right benefits communication can make a difference.

Let’s start with the facts. You spend a lot of money on benefits for your employees. If you have good benefits communication, your employees are using their benefits appropriately and cost- efficiently. If not, you at least know that good benefits communication is vital in getting employees to appreciate their benefits and use them.

  • Your Opportunity Awaits with Newly Hired Employees. While there are many things employees want to know when starting a new job, their health plan options and the cost are top of mind for many. You have an opportunity with fresh, newly hired employees to help them understand their health plan options, choose what’s best for them and understand the value of a consumer-driven / high-deductible health plan. This is an opportunity to increase participation in health plans where the employee plays an active role in managing their health and costs.
  • What Are Your Options? While you may be using carrier materials and last year’s annual enrollment communications for your new new hires, you have better options. Most carriers’ benefit communications are off-the-shelf, making it harder for newly hired employees to see how your benefits work. The alternative is to customize your benefits communication for new hires and, today, it’s much easier and cost efficient to do that whether in print or online.

The basic truth is that when employees understand their benefits, they make better choices, engage in benefits management and develop a superior appreciation.

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Interactive Online Benefits Communication Demos

To see how to make a Brainshark interactive video, click here. For a demo of an annual enrollment interactive video, click here.