Five ways to connect employees to your benefits communication

To place their benefits communications online, some employers post PDFs of the materials they used to mail to employees, such as annual enrollment kits. Others are using interactive videos to help employees choose and use their benefits and wellness resources online.

One key to success with an online benefits communication strategy is motivating employees to click the link for benefits information. You can put all your benefits communications and resources online, but if employees don’t click the link to them, they won’t connect. A campaign to click the link to online benefits communications is akin to wedding invitations. If you don’t send the wedding invitations, few will attend. Here are five ways to connect employees to your online benefits communication:

  1. Make it easy to get there. Put your online benefits communication on an external server so employees and spouses can access it from any computer, tablet or smart phone with just one click. Centralize your communications in one place then add links to other websites (carriers, health plan, financial planning, etc.) or posted documents for downloading. Everything should be just one click away. No one likes to peel through layers of website pages for information.
  2. Use interactive online videos. For example, Brainshark interactive videos allow employees and spouses to view a video and, with just one click, link directly to other websites (carriers, enrollment, etc.), download benefit guides, plan summaries, FAQs, and more. You can even ask employees to answer survey questions while viewing the video. For information on interactive videos, see How to Create a Brainshark Video.
  3. Promote like a marketing professional. Use themes and graphic designs with emails, handouts, postings and mailers to “market” your online benefits communication. Include a link to the interactive video in your email signature as a reminder to your email readers.
  4. Be sure to reach field leaders. Your HR representatives, operations managers and supervisors should know where to send employees for benefits information.
  5. Maintain momentum with regular promotions on benefit features and wellness events through monthly benefit fact sheets or newsletters. Work with your health plan carriers and EAP administrator to identify topics and sponsor your communications.

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Brainshark Demos

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