Personas tell a story in benefits communication

Using personas in benefits communication can help you capture and keep your readers’ attention while illustrating a complex benefits program. Personas are imaginary or real people with whom employees can identify. They model benefit choices or show how to succeed with a complex benefit, such as a health savings account, high deductible plan, and even wellness program requirements.

Let’s take Miranda, for example. She is single and 26 years old. She’s in good health, gets her annual preventive care checkup and doesn’t expect to have enough medical expenses to meet either plan’s deductible. So, she chose to enroll in a high-deductible plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA). She had her employer deduct $25 from her bi-weekly paychecks before taxes are withheld to fund her HSA. This adds an additional $650 a year to the $500 that her employer contributes to her Health Savings Account on her behalf.

Miranda realizes she didn’t have many healthcare expenses. So she thought, “Why should I pay more for a medical plan than I have to? The High Deductible Plan with Health Savings Account has lower premiums, and I like the idea of putting money aside in a tax-free savings account for future medical care.”

Miranda is someone certain employees can identify with, making it easier for them to understand why a high-deductible health plan would work for them. Personas can also show how to use the results of a wellness report or how online tools and resources work in health and wellness benefits. Watch this short video for other examples of personas.

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