Using interactive videos as a one-stop-spot for benefits communication

Over 80 percent of people go online with a computer, smart phone or tablet for personal information and learning. Such online, on-demand and just-in-time access to information is how people learn today. When you centralize your benefits communication online, you make it easier for employees and spouses to access it. This is important not only during annual enrollment, but year round to enable employees and spouses to learn about benefits at anytime and from anywhere.

Some employers find interactive videos easy and affordable for centralizing their benefits communication. That’s because an interactive video can be a one-stop-spot for benefits information.  Interactive videos enable users to view a video, download PDFs, link directly to other websites and provide feedback to the employer. Most cost less to produce than videos or printed enrollment kits.

For example, let’s say you’re a benefits manager who is preparing for annual enrollment. You work with a benefits communicator to create an interactive video, house it on the communicator’s external server and send employees a link to the video via email, a scannable QR code or URL. With one click, employees and spouses can easily reach the video from any computer, tablet or smart phone. They view the video to learn what’s new for next year’s benefits and other enrollment information. Then, while watching the video, they can download an enrollment guide, benefits summary, FAQs and other posted materials. If they want to know more about a benefit or to see if a doctor is in a health plan, they can go directly to the carrier’s website with one click. Once they have seen enough of the video, they can click and go to your enrollment site. Because you want feedback from employees, you embed questions in the video and then use the answers to fine tune your plan design or improve benefits communication.

Your interactive video centralizes your benefits communication and action steps in one place and around the way people learn.

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Brainshark Demos

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