3 ways to increase participation in a wellness program

Incentives, such as gift cards and discounted medical plan contributions, get employees to complete health assessments and screenings. But, that’s only the first step in a wellness program. To create a healthier workforce, employees must take the next steps, which includes using the wellness report effectively and applying the resources in their health plan and wellness program for healthier living. This is where ongoing communication is so important.

Here are a few ways to boost your wellness program communications and get employees to take the next steps after completing a health assessment and screening:

  1. Share the results with your employees: Create a report card of the results and compare to national averages or your wellness vendor’s book of business to show how healthy your workforce is and underscore the need for resources to help them achieve better health.
  2. Determine specific employee needs: Talk to a diverse group of employees and spouses to understand their perception of “wellness” and the resources that can help them. It’s a way to test your ideas and get employee support. If some are looking to lose weight or know more about nutrition, for example, this information can guide you in expanding your wellness resources.
  3. Create an ongoing wellness communication plan: It’s okay to use generic wellness communication, but the information available is, well, generic and available from many other places. A better way is to personalize the communication to your organization, using employee’s success stories, sponsoring contests and events. Use your talk with employees to create new messages and ideas for wellness programs and how you can improve the ones already in place.

Interactive Videos

See a demo of an interactive wellness video. Also, see how to create an interactive video.

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