Why It’s Important to Explain the 1095 Form and Tax Filing Requirements to Employees

With the tax season underway, many Americans are filing income tax returns for their refunds. Others, of course, are dreading to pay their tax bills. Either way, they need the new Tax Form 1095 to file 2015 individual tax returns. Under the Affordable Care Act, plan sponsors – whether employers or their insurance carriers – send Tax Form 1095 to both employees and the IRS proving health plan insurance coverage for the year. Are health plan participants and non-participants aware of the information they need from Tax Form 1095? Experts think many will be confused and not know they are receiving this information or what to do with it.

Our clients have asked us to help their employees understand the importance of the 1095 that helps determine whether or not they pay a penalty in 2015 and how to avoid the penalty in 2016. As a result we have developed a short interactive video that you can email to your employees, post on your benefits portal or place on a flyer or poster (with a QR Code). It provides insight on health coverage requirements whether or not they are enrolled in your plan, a Marketplace plan or covered by a spouse.

To view the complete video in sample format, click here. If it's helpful to you, click the video button for the guidelines for downloading the link to the employee version. Use the video as a resource for answering employees' questions. If you need a poster or flyer with a QR code, just ask us.

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Use this QR Code to gain access to the video!

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