Use Pre-Enrollment Sessions To Communicate Benefits Changes

Employers are seeking to address the rising cost of healthcare by being more flexible in creating plans and giving their workers more choices. Employees can choose between traditional health insurance, as well as high-deductible plans and health savings accounts.

Having these diverse options can be highly beneficial, depending on a worker's age, health and family status, and what they are looking to get out of their healthcare. But with choice comes responsibility. It is increasingly up to individual workers to understand their options, lest they inadvertently make costly decisions. They need to be prepared to not only choose the right plan at open enrollment time, but also base this decision on sudden changes, such as new carriers or significant premium increases.

Most people are not health insurance experts. Choosing a plan can be highly stressful, given that one confusing bit of jargon can mean the difference between quality coverage and sudden medical debt. It's up to employers to reach out early with pre-enrollment benefits communication.

As noted by an article on Benefits Pro, an email or two announcing the beginning of the open enrollment period just won't cut it. Employers should reach out at least a month or two in advance with helpful information sessions that break down this complicated topic into easy-to-understand chunks.

Often, video sessions are better at getting information across than dense written documents. Groh & Associates specializes in helping employers and health plans create short, educational videos on specific resources, services and tools for managing health benefits. Check us out at