Connecting Employees to Wellness Resources

For too many employees, their only employer-sponsored benefits communication happens just before open enrollment. How many review their enrollment materials and take action? Especially, if it’s a passive enrollment?

The answer: Too many. Up to 80% of companies reported that their employees do not open or read benefit materials (Forbes Human Resources Council posting, 2020.) 

So, it’s no wonder benefit managers and brokers are disappointed by low participation numbers and the failure of employees to use their benefits effectively. This process fails to give employees a meaningful educational opportunity to learn about their benefits and use them appropriately.

How do you give them the opportunity?

Frequent education. Advertisers call this effective frequency. Some debate how much frequency is enough for someone to “get it” enough to take action. From our research, as benefits communicators, we recommend:


7 times: Repetition works. English composition teachers may discourage redundancy, but it works in marketing and considered reinforcement.

7 ways: Emails, mailers, flyers, guides, newsletters, videos, posters, banners, CCTV, etc. – whatever works in your locations.

Resource Guide for Ongoing Benefits Education

Download our Resource Guide for ideas and samples for help in creating ongoing benefits education communications. Keep in mind, we’re here to help.

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Ongoing BenefitsCommunication

Download the Ongoing Benefits Education Guide for ideas, samples, and tips.