The One Form You’ll Need to File Your Taxes This Year

Depending on how they received coverage for the 2015 calendar year, taxpayers may receive one or more of three versions of Tax Form 1095. You can help your employees or, if you are a health plan consultant, your clients’ employees understand how to use the tax form they receive and how to avoid or reduce the penalty for next year.

3 ways to increase participation in a wellness program

Incentives, such as gift cards and discounted medical plan contributions, get employees to complete health assessments and screenings. But, that’s only the first step in a wellness program. To create a healthier workforce, employees must take the next steps, which includes using the wellness report effectively and applying the resources in their health plan and wellness program for healthier living. This … Read More

How communication helps create a smart health care consumer

Creating smart healthcare consumers takes personalized and frequent communication. What are the characteristics of a smart health care consumers? Here are some examples: – Carefully chooses a personal doctor (primary care physician) for managing their healthcare – Maintains a healthy lifestyle – Gets an annual checkup and follows doctor’s recommendations – Prepares specific questions to ask doctors before a visit … Read More

Don’t miss this benefits opportunity with new hires

This is true story. Only the name is changed to protect the innocent. After he was hired, Bob went through an orientation meeting with someone from HR. He met his boss and coworkers and began applying his skills to his job. It was a nervous time for him as he knew first impressions are critical to the perception that his … Read More

Using interactive videos as a one-stop-spot for benefits communication

Over 80 percent of people go online with a computer, smart phone or tablet for personal information and learning. Such online, on-demand and just-in-time access to information is how people learn today. When you centralize your benefits communication online, you make it easier for employees and spouses to access it. This is important not only during annual enrollment, but year … Read More