New Hire

Benefits Communication for New Hire Orientation

New hires come on board eager to learn about their employer, their job, coworkers, and benefits. With this in mind, your benefits communication competes with a lot of other new hire activities and messages. The time to learn about benefits and enroll is limited. So, your benefits communication needs to get their attention and be easy to understand with a clear call to action.

Resource Guide for New Hire Benefits Communications

Download this Resource Guide to help you create or assess your benefits communication for new hires. It has 8 Ideas on what to do, a checklist for creating comprehensive communications and lots of samples.

If we created an open enrollment video or benefits guide for you, we convert these to new hire versions for no or a small cost.

Watch the New Hire benefit demo.

Note: The six-minute demo outlines recommended contents for a new hire benefits video and contains selected narrated benefit summaries.

New HireCommunication

Download the New Hire Communication Resource Guide for ideas, samples, and tips