Connecting Employees to Wellness Resources

For self-managing their health and well-being, employees have resources through their benefits. For example, depending on their health plan, they may have access to:

  • Full coverage for preventive care services and prescriptions
  • Behavioral health benefits
  • Support for managing chronic conditions
  • Health advocates
  • Nurse lines and telemedicine
  • Libraries of healthcare information
  • Fitness club membership discounts
  • 100%-covered tobacco-cessation programs
  • Pre- and post-natal care programs
  • Online tools and resources

Dental and vision care plans also offer preventive care services covered in full or for a small copay; and EAPs feature a wealth of personalized resources generally available to all employees and family members. Not to be overlooked are the benefits of financial wellness with tools and resources typically available through a 401(k) plan.

Communicating Wellness

In many cases, when employers retain a wellness program through a HIPAA-compliant vendor, the promoting messages and communications emphasize its wellness services, activities, and incentives. Necessary and important to drive up participation, of course; but employers have an opportunity to leverage other wellness-supporting benefits and resources available through their plans (such as those listed above).

Communication Opportunity

The opportunity is to integrate those other wellness services in a broader strategic communication campaign during the year. For example, monthly or biweekly newsletters, videos, flyers, etc. each promoting a wellness benefit or resource can expand the wellness program communication for better awareness of all the employer’s benefits. Topics can include preventive care, EAP, online medical plan tools, etc.

A year-round communication approach will not overload employees with a lot of information at one time while keeping a selection of self-managing wellness resources in front of them while creating a library for your portal.

Resource Guide for New Hire Benefits Communications

Download this Wellness Program and Incentives Promotion Communication Resource Guide for ideas, samples, and services. Also, this 4-minute video offers some ideas for related topics that can be viewed at home on computers or mobile devices.

Watch the 4-minute Wellness Communication video

Wellness & Incentive

Download the Wellness Communication Guide for ideas, samples, and tips.